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UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Comparing Sociocultural Features of Cholera in Three Endemic African Settings

Cholera mainly affects developing countries where safe water supply and sanitation infrastructure are often rudimentary. Sub-Saharan Africa is a Cholera hotspot. Effective Cholera control requires not only a professional assessment, but also consideration of community-based priorities. The present work compares…
Medicine for Global Health
Evidence Reviews

Antibiotic Prescribing in DR Congo: a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey among Medical Doctors and Students

Antibiotic resistance (ABR) particularly hits resource poor countries, and is fuelled by irrational antibiotic (AB) prescribing. The authors surveyed knowledge, attitudes and practices of AB prescribing among medical students and doctors in Kisangani, DR Congo. This data shows the need for…
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
© UNICEF/UN0215064/Naftalin

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Considerations: Ebola Response in DR Congo

This document was developed by the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme as a resource for the response to the outbreak in DR Congo in May 2018. It is intended to be used to guide risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) work…
© UNICEF/UN0209049/Naftalin
Evidence Reviews

Socio-­Cultural Considerations for Vaccine Introduction and Community Engagement

Key considerations and immediate recommendations, particularly for community engagement, in May 2018 for the Ebola outbreak in DRC.