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Background Reports

Revitalizing Health for All: Case Studies of the Struggle for Comprehensive Primary Health Care

While impressive medical and technological developments have improved health care around the world, improvements in health have been moderate and inconsistent across countries and communities. In response to this challenge, the World Health Organization outlined the concept of comprehensive primary health care, which…
Background Reports

Preliminary Assessment of Lake Ntomba Fisheries

In May 2007, a WorldFish team traveled to the Lake Télé-Lake Ntomba Landscape in the Democratic Republic of Congo to conduct a preliminary assessment of the Lake Ntomba fishery. Primary data were collected through rapid rural assessment techniques in seven…
Background Reports

NGO Report on Indigenous Pygmy Peoples: Universal Periodic Review of the Democratic Republic of Congo

This alternative report has been prepared by non-governmental organisations of indigenous Pygmy peoples and their supporters: 15 non-governmental organisations that work with indigenous peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Its aim is to present a picture of the situation of…
Background Reports

Local Perceptions of Cholera and Anticipated Vaccine Acceptance in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

In regions where access to clean water and the provision of a sanitary infrastructure has not been sustainable, Cholera continues to pose an important public health burden. Although oral Cholera vaccines (OCV) are effective means to complement classical Cholera control…
BMC Public Health
Background Reports

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Study to Investigate the Health System of Circonscription Socio-Sanitaire (CSS) Ignié Ngabé, Department of Pool, Republic of Congo

It is important to understand a population’s health behaviours and their underlying determinants such as knowledge, attitudes and beliefs related to health, when we seek to deliver appropriate health care services that may increase health service utilization and ultimately population health.…
Background Reports

Institutional Choice and Fragmented Citizenship in Forestry and Development Interventions in Bikoro Territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Substantive citizenship is the ability of an individual to influence those who govern. In order to assess this ‘ability’, this study examined the powers of sanction possessed by individuals or groups and the accountability mechanisms at their disposal in three villages in…
Forum for Development Studies
Background Reports

Food Strategy of Batwa Pygmies in Lake Tumba Landscape, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Pygmies are knowledgeable of the virtues of the biodiversity of their environment, including the food value ofthese species. This study report on food strategy developed by the Batwa and is based on a rich biodiversity. The authors conducted a household…
International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies
Background Reports

Cultural Transmission of Traditional Ecological Knowledge among Batwa Pygmies and Ntomba Bantou in Lake Tumba Landscape, Democratic Republic of Congo

This paper is a case study which aims to examine how today’s techniques related to different livelihood activities, but also in the social field, are acquired and transmitted among Batwa (pygmies) and Ntomba (bantou) communities living in the two villages (Moheli…
International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research
UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Comparing Sociocultural Features of Cholera in Three Endemic African Settings

Cholera mainly affects developing countries where safe water supply and sanitation infrastructure are often rudimentary. Sub-Saharan Africa is a Cholera hotspot. Effective Cholera control requires not only a professional assessment, but also consideration of community-based priorities. The present work compares…
Medicine for Global Health
Evidence Reviews

Antibiotic Prescribing in DR Congo: a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey among Medical Doctors and Students

Antibiotic resistance (ABR) particularly hits resource poor countries, and is fuelled by irrational antibiotic (AB) prescribing. The authors surveyed knowledge, attitudes and practices of AB prescribing among medical students and doctors in Kisangani, DR Congo. This data shows the need for…
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
© UNICEF/UN0215064/Naftalin

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Considerations: Ebola Response in DR Congo

This document was developed by the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme as a resource for the response to the outbreak in DR Congo in May 2018. It is intended to be used to guide risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) work…
© UNICEF/UN0209049/Naftalin

Obstacles to the Ebola vaccine trial in DR Congo

As authorities in Congo embark on a campaign to use a pioneering Ebola vaccine, our network partner Dr Juliet Bedford…
29th May 2018