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Policy response to COVID-19 in Senegal: power, politics, and the choice of policy instruments

The objective of the paper is to understand how Senegal formulated its policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The response was rapid, comprising conventional policy instruments used previously for containing Ebola.

Participating in a vaccine trial for COVID-19 in Senegal: trust and information

This research aims to understand the level and determinants of people’s willingness to participate in a vaccine trial for COVID-19 in Senegal.

Negotiating Intersecting Precarities: COVID-19, Pandemic Preparedness and Response in Africa

This article shares findings on COVID-19 in Africa across 2020 to examine concepts and practices of epidemic preparedness and response. Amidst uncertainties about the trajectory of COVID-19, the stages of emergency response emerge in practice as interconnected.

COVID-19 in Senegal: Exploring the Historical Context

While many academics and popular journalists have recently addressed historical epidemics in the context of COVID-19, much of this literature concerns the history of former colonial powers rather than the history of formerly colonized states. This review finds that the…

Challenges in Implementing the National Health Response to COVID-19 in Senegal

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa, many epidemiological or anthropological studies have been published. However, few studies have yet been conducted to understand the implementation of State interventions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In Senegal, the national…

People’s Agenda for Pandemic Preparedness

Research from 25 countries across six continents by over 50 researchers: What do people need to recover from pandemics? How do people think we should prepare and respond differently for the next pandemic?
Institute of Development Studies
Journal Article

Vaccine anxieties, vaccine preparedness: Perspectives from Africa in a Covid-19 era

Global debates about vaccines in the era of Covid-19 currently focus on questions of supply, with attention to unjust global distribution. At the same time, vaccine demand and uptake are seen to be threatened by hesitancy, often attributed to a…
Science Direct
Journal Article

A Situation Assessment of Community Health Workers’ Preparedness in Supporting Health System Response to COVID-19 in Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda

This paper reports a mixed methods study to assess the preparedness of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in supporting health system response in prevention and management of COVID-19 in Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda. Interviews were conducted with policy actors, health care…
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Cash, COVID-19 and aid cuts: a mixed-method impact evaluation among South Sudanese refugees registered in Kiryandongo settlement, Uganda

In this paper, we estimate the impact after 4–8 months of a large one-off unconditional cash transfer delivered to refugees in Kiryandongo settlement, Uganda during a time of dual shocks: the COVID-19 pandemic and cuts to monthly aid. We focus on…
BMJ Publishing Group
Journal Article

Health system resilience during COVID-19 understanding SRH service adaptation in North Kivu

There is often collateral damage to health systems during epidemics, affecting women and girls the most, with reduced access to non-outbreak related services, particularly in humanitarian settings. This rapid case study examines sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services in the…
BioMed Central
Journal Article

Operational challenges and considerations for COVID-19 research in humanitarian settings: A qualitative study of a project in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan

We conducted a qualitative study to explore the barriers and enablers of a COVID-19 cohort study conducted in South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, to inform future research on COVID-19 and infectious diseases in humanitarian settings. We…
Journal Article

Effect of COVID-19 on older adults 50 years and above living with HIV in a less-developed country

In Uganda, as soon as the first case of COVID-19 was identified, strict lockdown measures were enforced, including a ban on all public and private transport, night curfew, closure of schools, and suspension of religious and social gatherings and closure…
Taylor & Francis Online