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Journal Article

Social resistance drives persistent transmission of Ebola virus disease in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: A mixed-methods study

The second largest Ebola (EVD) epidemic in history is currently raging in Eastern DRC. Stubbornly persistent EVD transmission has been associated with social resistance, ranging from passive non-compliance to overt acts of aggression toward EVD reponse teams. We explored community…

What explains popular resistance to Ebola humanitarian responses in the DRC?

The humanitarian response to the DRC’s Ebola health emergency between 2018-20 was met with popular resistance by local populations, drawing attention to the perceived failures of humanitarian responses in the country over decades. To declare Ebola a health disaster was…
London School of Economics
News Article

In Congo, a ‘militarised’ Ebola response has fuelled community resistance

A report from The New Humanitarian reflects on how a militarised response to the Ebola outbreak in North Kivu province in 2019 caused fear and impacted people’s trust in the response, with implications for their engagement with preventative measures.
The New Humanitarian
Journal Article

The Oughtness of Care: Fear, Stress, and Caregiving during the 2000–2001 Ebola Outbreak in Gulu, Uganda

In this article we introduce the term oughtness of care to show how caring for sick relatives was experienced in the context of the Ebola outbreak in Gulu, Uganda, in 2000–2001.
Background Reports

Protecting South Sudan from the Ebola Virus Disease: Policy Implications

This Weekly Review, from October 25, 2022, draws from the Second Round of the EVD Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) assessment conducted in South Sudan in 2019 to highlight the implications of the recent Ebola Virus Disease events in Uganda…

Impact of Nyiragongo Volcanic Eruptions on the Resilience to the COVID-19 and Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Eruptions of the Nyiragongo volcano in May 2021 caused unfathomable damage, including loss of life and property, and displacement of thousands of people, affecting the city of Goma in particular. Furthermore, it charred health and school infrastructures and decimated crops…

Uganda declares end of Ebola disease outbreak

On 11 January 2023, the Ugandan government has declared the end of the Ebola disease (Sudan strain) outbreak, less than…
11th January 2023
Journal Article

The Politics of the Second Vaccine: Debates Surrounding Ebola Vaccine Trials in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Two experimental Ebola vaccines were deployed during the tenth Ebola epidemic (2018–20) in the DRC. International debate ensued about the value and ethics of testing a second vaccine in an epidemic context. This article examines how this debate unfolded among…
Journal Article

Lessons learned from implementation of a national hotline for Ebola virus disease emergency preparedness in South Sudan

The authors conducted a descriptive analysis on quantitative data from call logs reflecting 22 weeks of South Sudan’s Ebola alert hotline, along with thematic coding of qualitative data collected routinely. The hotline was set up during the preparedness phase of…
Journal Article

Assessment of infection prevention and control readiness for Ebola virus and other diseases outbreaks in a humanitarian crisis setting: a cross-sectional study of health facilities in six high-risk States of South Sudan

This study uses data from a structured questionnaire to assess the readiness and capacity of 151 health facilities across six states in Couth Sudan. It found that facilities most lacked a coordination committee structure (13.19%), guidelines and SOPs (21.85%), vector…
Journal Article

Analyses of the performance of the Ebola virus disease alert management system in South Sudan: August 2018 to November 2019

This research paper analysed the performance of the Ebola alert management system, established in response to the Ebola outbreak in DRC in August 2018. EVD alerts reported in South Sudan in 2018-19 were anlaysed using quantitative and qualitative data. Strengths…
Policy Document

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness and Readiness Update for South Sudan Update: #002 (13 November 2022)

Government of South Sudan/WHO-produced weekly summary of changes in the situation regarding EVD case incidence, public health preparedness and readiness, challenges/gaps and recommendations.
World Health Organization