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Problems endure despite policies: Urban livelihoods after forced displacement

This chapter considers issues related to urban development-caused forced displacement and resettlement and the legal and policy approaches developed to address them to assess what difference national and international policies...
Journal Article

Relational (im)mobilities: a case study of Senegalese coastal fishing populations

This article applies a climate mobilities lens to a qualitative case study of an urban Senegalese fishing community, characterised by its ‘micro-mobilities’ as much as by its international migration. The...
Journal Article

Revisiting Tropes of Environmental and Social Change in Casamance, Senegal

The chapter examines paddy rice cultivation in Casamance, southern Senegal, amid broader contemporary contestations about environmentally induced migration.
Journal Article

Rural-to-urban migration, kinship networks, and fertility among the Igbo in Nigeria

This paper presents ethnographic data to suggest that fertility behavior in contemporary Igbo-speaking Nigeria cannot be understood without taking into account the ways in which rural and urban social and...
Journal Article

The Allure of Scapegoating Return Migrants during a Pandemic

The stigmatization of Senegalese return migrants as COVID-19 vectors by fellow Senegalese during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic troubles the self/other distinction that underpins the scholarly focus on...
Journal Article

The anticipatory politics of dispossession in a Senegalese mining negotiation

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative interviews, this article examines the contentious politics around a proposed mine, arguing that experiences of and resistances to dispossession are mediated by the folding...
Journal Article

West African Migration in the Age of Climate Change : Translocal Perspectives on Mobility from Mali and Senegal

This thesis contributes to the debate on climate change, environment, and migration by scrutinizing conceptual and methodological deficiencies and adopting a migration research perspective. The author uses a multi-sited ethnography...
Journal Article

‘When Migrants Become Messengers’: Affective Borderwork and Aspiration Management in Senegal

This article draws on ethnographic fieldwork to explore how affect and emotions are used in migration awareness campaigns and how local communities respond. ‘Aspiration management’ works to instil a sense...
Journal Article

Without Rain or Land, Where Will Our People Go? Climate Change, Land Grabbing, and Human Mobility: Insights from Senegal and Cambodia

Based on a multi-case and multi-sited qualitative study in both Senegal and Cambodia, involving more than 150 participants in semi-structured interviews and focus groups affected by four different agribusiness projects,...
Journal Article

Xenophobia’s Contours During an Ebola Epidemic: Proximity and the Targeting of Peul Migrants in Senegal

This article examines the effect of geographical proximity on targeting patterns during Ebola-era xenophobic outbursts by Senegalese against a migrant Peul population of Guinean origins. It highlights the limited extent...
Journal Article

Youth, sin and sex in Nigeria: Christianity and HIV/AIDS-related beliefs and behaviour among rural-urban migrants

In Nigeria, popular understandings of HIV/AIDS and individual risk assessment and behaviour unfold within an interpretative grid that draws on a religious moral framework. This paper reports results from a...

Crisis in Sudan: Briefing Note on Displacement from Sudan to South Sudan ar

The experiences of those fleeing from Sudan to South Sudan due to the current conflict are shaped by the complex socio-political dynamics within and between the two countries. This briefing...