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Policy Document

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness and Readiness Update for South Sudan

This Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness and Readiness Update from late 2022 was jointly presented by the Ministry of Health of South Sudan, and the WHO and details EVD alerts, and emergency preparedness activities in the country in response to…
Republic of South Sudan and WHO
Policy Document

Monthly Humanitarian Situation Report South Sudan

This Situation Report from the WHO on South Sudan offers an overview of the humanitarian situation in January 2023, including the state of measles transmission and vaccination response, Covid-19 vaccination, cholera and the distribution of health emergency kits.
WHO South Sudan Country Office
Policy Document

South Sudan Spontaneous Refugee Returnees December 2021

This overview from UNHCR and the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) presents details about the state of South Sudanese refugees in the region, and specifically, about their patterns of returnees in late 2021.
UNHCR and the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC)
Policy Document

Republic of South Sudan National Health Policy 2016-2026

Written by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan, the National Health Policy 2016-2026 puts forth new paradigms for health service delivery, health financing, strategic information, leadership and governance, human resources for health, and access to essential…
Ministry of Health, South Sudan
Background Reports

Building Climate Resilience in Fragile Contexts: Key Findings of BRACED Research in South Sudan

This paper is a synthesis of key findings from research undertaken with the BRACED research portfolio which aimed to influence and strengthen the delivery of BRACED programming in South Sudan and national and subnational climate related programming in the future.…
Journal Article

Operational challenges and considerations for COVID-19 research in humanitarian settings: A qualitative study of a project in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan

We conducted a qualitative study to explore the barriers and enablers of a COVID-19 cohort study conducted in South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, to inform future research on COVID-19 and infectious diseases in humanitarian settings. We…
Journal Article

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare access and utilisation in South Sudan: a cross-sectional mixed methods study

Indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities in fragile and conflict-affected settings may be severe due to reduced access and use of healthcare, as happened during the 2015 Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. Achieving a balance between short-term emergency response…
BMC Health Services Research

Humanitarian Needs Overview: South Sudan 2022

This document is consolidated by OCHA on behalf of the Humanitarian Country Team and partners. It provides a shared understanding of the crisis in South Sudan in early 2022, including the most pressing humanitarian need and the estimated number of…
Journal Article

Pragmatic Mobilities and Uncertain Lives: Agency and the Everyday Mobility of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

This article investigates the pragmatic, everyday journeys of South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda’s Palabek Refugee Settlement through a mobilities-focused analytical lens. Despite the repatriation of vast numbers of refugees, little is known about the diversity of refugees’ later movements.…
Oxford University Press
Journal Article

Patchwork States: The Localization of State Territoriality on the South Sudan–Uganda Border, 1914–2014

This paper takes a localized conflict over a non-demarcated stretch of the Uganda–South Sudan boundary in 2014 as a starting point for examining the history of territorial state formation on either side of this border since its colonial creation in…
Oxford University Press
Research Article

The humanitarian protectorate of South Sudan? Understanding insecurity for humanitarians in a political economy of aid

This paper contributes to debates about humanitarian governance and insecurity in post-conflict situations. Taking the case of South Sudan, it explores relations between humanitarian agencies, the international community, and local authorities, and how international and local forms of power become…
Cambridge University Press
Research Article

The effects of conflict and displacement on violence against adolescent girls in South Sudan: the case of adolescent girls in the Protection of Civilian sites in Juba

There is a paucity of data on violence against women and girls (VAWG) during conflict in general and even less specifically on violence against adolescent girls. Based on secondary analysis of a larger study in South Sudan, this article highlights…
Taylor & Francis Online