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Language Is a Powerful Weapon in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Facts require narratives in which to take root, but the terminology of the powerful too often trivializes war, dehumanizes those who suffer and erases the past. “It appears as though...
New Lines Magazine

Tectonic Shifts: A conversation with Darryl Li

In the wake of Hamas’s attack on Israel earlier this month, which led to the death of over one thousand Israelis, the U.S.-backed nuclear power has waged a campaign of...
The Baffler

Contextualising Gaza: Colonial violence and Occupation

“We are at war”, stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a recorded statement early on Saturday morning, and “we will win it”. While the unprecedented events of 7 October...

In the face of genocide, the intifada must be globalised

On 7 November 2023, the death toll in Gaza surpassed 10,000 as the most brutal military assault in contemporary history continues to unfold. Now impossible to update following the collapse...
Institute of Development Studies

A Palestinian Poet’s Perilous Journey out of Gaza ar

When the war comes to Gaza, my wife and I do not want to leave. We want to be with our parents and brothers and sisters, and we know that...
The New Yorker
Journal Article

Coping with trauma and adversity among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip: A qualitative, culture-informed analysis

Abstract In this article, we propose that coping is not only an individual property but also a structural feature. Coping shapes what is referred to in social network theory as...
Journal of Health Psychology
Journal Article

Psychosocial concerns in a context of prolonged political oppression: Gaza mental health providers’ perceptions

Abstract In this qualitative exploratory study, we investigated the perspectives of mental health providers in Gaza, Palestine, regarding the primary concerns of their clients who are exposed to low-intensity warfare...
McGill University

Navigating insecurity in North Kivu, DRC: learning from humanitarian actors, civil society and research

  How is the current security situation in North Kivu impacting on humanitarian activities in the eastern province of the…
9th April 2024

Conflict-Sensitive Returns and Integration in South Sudan

Since fighting flared up in Sudan in April 2023, an estimated 8.2 million Sudanese have been forcibly displaced, out of which 1.7 million are hosted by neighbouring countries, including 588,711...

Key Considerations for Responding to Floods in South Sudan Through the Humanitarian-Peace-Development Nexus

In common with many other African countries, the Republic of South Sudan is increasingly experiencing devastating floods linked to climate change.1,2 The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and El Niño regulate...