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Journal Article

“We need good nutrition but we have no money to buy food”: sociocultural context, care experiences, and newborn health in two UNHCR-supported camps in South Sudan

Determinants of newborn health and survival exist across the reproductive life cycle, with many sociocultural and contextual factors influencing outcomes beyond the availability of, and access to, quality health services....
BMC International Health and Human Rights

Past horrors, present struggles: the role of stigma in the association between war experiences and psychosocial adjustment among former child soldiers in Sierra Leone.

We examined the role of stigma (manifest in discrimination as well as lower levels of community and family acceptance) in the relationship between war-related experiences and psychosocial adjustment (depression, anxiety,...
News Article

Gaza conflict: how children’s lives are affected on every level

Children living in Gaza have never known anything but overcrowding, shortages, conflict and danger. It’s been 18 years since the then Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, moved all Israel’s settlers...
The Conversation
News Article

Gaza crisis: Babies being born ‘into hell’ amid desperate aid shortages ar

Babies are being “delivered into hell” in Gaza with many others likely dying as a result of conflict with Israel and increasingly dire conditions in the enclave, UN humanitarians warned...
UN News

Trapped: The impact of 15 years of blockade on the mental health of Gaza’s children

In the past decade and a half, children in Gaza have endured six life-threatening situations – five escalations in violence and a pandemic – as well as a life-limiting land,...
Save the Children

War on Palestine

Inspired by journals such as the Journal for Palestine Studies and MERIP, Middle East Research and Information Project who have made the knowledge contained in their pages available for broader...
Cultural Anthropology

Voices from Gaza

Messages from Devastation Since the beginning of this current, most vicious, Israeli war on the people of Gaza, family and friends, including members of our Insaniyyat community, have been anxiously...
Society of Palestinian Anthropologists

Tectonic Shifts: A conversation with Darryl Li

In the wake of Hamas’s attack on Israel earlier this month, which led to the death of over one thousand Israelis, the U.S.-backed nuclear power has waged a campaign of...
The Baffler

Contextualising Gaza: Colonial violence and Occupation

“We are at war”, stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a recorded statement early on Saturday morning, and “we will win it”. While the unprecedented events of 7 October...

In the face of genocide, the intifada must be globalised

On 7 November 2023, the death toll in Gaza surpassed 10,000 as the most brutal military assault in contemporary history continues to unfold. Now impossible to update following the collapse...
Institute of Development Studies

A Palestinian Poet’s Perilous Journey out of Gaza ar

When the war comes to Gaza, my wife and I do not want to leave. We want to be with our parents and brothers and sisters, and we know that...
The New Yorker