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Journal Article

The Anthropological Rise of Palestine

This article traces the rise of anthropological scholarship on Palestine and/or Palestinians from 2011 through the present, providing readers with a comprehensive bibliography of anthropological publications related to Palestine over that period.
Taylor & Francis Online

War on Palestine

In this blog post, Cultural Antropology have gathered together articles on Palestine/Israel that have been published in the journal.
Cultural Anthropology

The attack on Gaza and the role of anthropologists

In the book Hollow Land, Eyal Weizman showed how leadership at IDF understood and modified the urban landscapes of occupied Palestinian territory in military interventions with a spatial lens drawn in part from social theory (Weizman 2007). Interviewees such as…
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Trapped: The impact of 15 years of blockade on the mental health of Gaza’s children

In the past decade and a half, children in Gaza have endured six life-threatening situations – five escalations in violence and a pandemic – as well as a life-limiting land, air and sea blockade imposed by the Government of Israel…
Save the Children

Beyond Grief: To Love and Stay with Those Who Die in Our Arms

What does it take to love our babies, our living, and our dead in the midst of Israel's genocidal colonial conquest? How do we care for our massacred bodies and all the collective residues of horror as our people are…
Institute for Palestine Studies

Frequently asked questions on ICRC’s work in Israel and the occupied territories

The ICRC has been providing assistance to people affected by the conflict and violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories (ILOT) since 1967. This page is an effort to make information easily accessible to all those who feel like the ICRC can…
International Committee of the Red Cross

Famine expert Alex de Waal on Israel’s starvation of Gaza

‘The responsibility for that lies overwhelmingly with Israel. It will have to pay not only financially but morally and legally as well.’
The New Humanitarian
News Article

Gaza crisis: Babies being born ‘into hell’ amid desperate aid shortages ar

Babies are being “delivered into hell” in Gaza with many others likely dying as a result of conflict with Israel and increasingly dire conditions in the enclave, UN humanitarians warned on Friday.
UN News

From Israel’s Blockade to the Siege on Al Shifa Hospital: Public Health in Gaza

In this episode of Occupied Thoughts, FMEP's Sarah Anne Minkin speaks with 2023 FMEP Palestinian Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Yara Asi about public health in Gaza. The conversation addresses the deficiencies in public health infrastructure due to Israel's blockade before the…
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Journal Article

State of the health-care system in Gaza during the Israel–Hamas war

Before the onset of the Israel–Hamas conflict in early October, 2023, health-care systems in Gaza were already teetering on the brink, with only 35 hospitals operating at full capacity and a total of 3412 beds catering to a population exceeding…
The Lancet

The Humanitarian Health Effects of the Israel-Hamas War Among Gaza Civilians

Frayed health care and an overwhelmed global humanitarian system imperil the health of civilians in Gaza, cautions Hopkins expert Paul Spiegel.
Johns Hopkins University Press
Policy Document

On the Brink: War and Public Health in Gaza ar

rom the seventh of October 2023 until the date of writing this article, Gaza is still subjected to air, sea and land bombardment in a cruel war that targets the lives of its residents and all the necessities of their…
Institute for Palestine Studies